Womens Silicone Rings – What Silicone Rings For Women Do I Recommend?

While it’s my hope that more men start wearing silicone rings — as I have — the primary market for silicone rings right now is women, and as you’d expect, there are plenty of great designs and rings for women. All of the 4 brands I reviewed on this website (Enso, Qalo, Groove, and Kauai) offer great rings for women, and which one you choose is up to you and your needs. There is actually not too much difference between silicone rings for men and silicone rings for women, just that women’s rings tend to be thinner, slimmer and have more feminine designs. Here’s a rundown of what’s available to you as a woman:

Groove rings – for the most eye-catching designs

See Groove’s collection of silicone rings for women here. Groove offers – in my view – the most beautiful designs for rings for women, and they look great if you’re just using them as a fashion accessory. Here’s a screenshot from their online store showing some of the very interesting designs they’ve made:

I think you’ll agree that no other brand comes close to the amount of effort that Groove have put into some of their designs, and being that the brand itself is of great quality (see my groove silicone ring review here), I definitely recommend buying a ring from them if you see a design you really like.

Qalo rings for a sporty design

Qalo’s rings for women, like their rings for men, are simpler than Groove’s, but in my view would be great for athletes or women who like to work out as the design is very ‘sporty’ in my view. You can check out their women’s rings here. Here’s a snapshot of some of the rings that I think look the best:

What if you just want a simple, slim, thin ring in a solid color?

Enso has you covered right here. They’ve taken great care to produce a line of women’s silicone rings that are really comfortable and fit well for thin fingers, as their line of women’s rings are much thinner than their line of men’s rings.