Where To Buy Silicone Rings

Most people buy silicone rings online, since it can be difficult to find them in most physical retailers and the shipping cost (being that the ring is so easy to ship) is super-cheap (usually around $2 or free). All of the major brands of silicone rings that I reviewed on this site — Enso, Groove, Qalo and Kauai — have online stores that you can buy from, and all of them work just fine. Here are the home pages of the online stores you can buy from:

You can also buy off Amazon – just do a search for “Silicone Rings” and you’ll find most of the main brands on there – whether you buy off Amazon or on the online store is up to you, but both will work fine. Here’s a link for your convenience:

If you want to buy in-person…

I still recommend buying a ring online, but if you want to buy one in a real store so you can see it and try it on, there are Qalo rings available at Dick’s Sporting Goods (https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/qalo-mens-wedding-ring-17euhmmnscmslcnrngaa/17euhmmnscmslcnrngaa) and some really cheap ones at Walmart (https://www.walmart.com/c/kp/silicone-wedding-rings), though we advise caution on those.