Silicone Wedding Rings

All of the 4 recommended brands that make silicone rings that I’ve featured on this website (Enso, Qalo, Groove, and Kauai) could be used as your wedding ring (see my post on where to buy them), as long as your spouse won’t be offended that you are only spending $20 or $30 on their ring. You can, of course, also consider just getting a silicone wedding ring for yourself and a traditional metal ring for your spouse. If you’re really taking the plunge and ready to commit to using a silicone ring as your wedding ring — and my hats off to you if you are 🙂 — it’s a matter of personal preference which one you go for. With that said, though, I definitely feel like Kauai is the best brand for wedding rings, as they actually have a dedicated line of them. See their webstore here:

Again, this is just personal preference, but as a man I love the “Black Knight” wedding ring from Kauai, and there are plenty of nice colors and designs there that women would like too. The design on these, I feel, is very appropriate for a wedding ring.

Silicone wedding rings with custom engraving

I have not tried it myself, but in doing research on different silicone wedding rings, I found that one of the recommended brands I cover on this website — Groove — actually has an option to do custom engraving on your ring. You could engrave the date of your wedding, the name of your spouse, or anything else you want. Check it out:

They’ll let you choose the font, font size, color and style, so you can get the wedding ring that’s just right for you. Of course, this will not be much like a traditional wedding ring in the end, but it will certainly be something unique to you. Groove charges $39.95 for a customized ring, which I feel is very reasonable.

Notable mention

I have yet to buy and test this brand yet, but a silicone ring manufacturer MANLY BANDS has a dedicated wedding silicone ring here that is worth taking a look at:

Why use a silicone ring as your wedding ring?

Apart from all the other usual benefits of a silicone ring over ordinary metal rings, the great thing about using a silicone ring as your wedding ring is its durability, comfort and reliability. How often would you wear your expensive wedding ring when you’re swimming or hiking? Not very often, I would imagine. But with silicone rings, you can wear them practically anyplace and anytime, and they’re comfortable. Not to mention VASTLY, vastly cheaper 🙂