Silicone Rings For Men

If you’re a man interested in buying a silicone ring for yourself for any reason (whether you want to use it as your wedding ring or not), there are loads of brands to choose from. On this website I’ve featured 4 brands that I brought and tested myself (Enso, Qalo, Groove, and Kauai) that I very much recommend, and each of these brands have plenty of rings for men that you can choose from. It really depends on what purpose you’re using your ring for. I recommend you do some online shopping around, but since you’re here, I’ll show you some of my favorites. Here’s a rundown on my favorite silicone rings for men, for different purposes:

Outdoor use (hunting and sports) with fancy designs

For seriously masculine silicone rings that will stand up to the toughest terrain, I really like the collection on the Groove website here:

I personally tested Groove rings (see there review here), and the build quality is really excellent. For hunters and athletes, I think the designs above are top-notch, and much better looking than other brands.

Outdoor use with simpler designs

As a man you may find some of the Groove designs above a bit too “loud” and want something a bit more subtle, but still with an interesting/nice design. If that’s you I recommend browsing through the collection of Qalo rings for men here:

These designs don’t exactly jump out at you, but definitely look great and can very much be appreciated.

For simple elegance

If you don’t want a fancy design or unusual wooden colors, I recommend just going with Enso – most of their designs are solid colors and won’t be too conspicuous. Check out their collection here:

The rundown

Across Groove (with the craziest designs), Qalo (with nice but simpler designs) and Enso (with very basic, functional rings without any wacky designs), there are plenty of silicone rings for men that you can choose from, and I’m confident that you’ll find at least one that is just right for you.

Should you wear a silicone ring as a man?

There are those that believe men should not wear rings, unless it’s a wedding ring. I absolutely disagree. I personally wear a silicone ring everyday (I have many) for no other reason than I like the look and feel of them, and see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to wear a ring as a man.