Kauai Silicone Rings Review

Kauai Silicone Rings are slightly less popular than brands like Enso or Groove, and their collections are a bit more limited, but I really love my Black Knight (https://kauaiinnovations.com/collections/silicone-wedding-rings/products/black-timeless-collection-silicone-ring) ring and fully recommend the brand if you want to try it. Kauai rings are made of quality material, are comfortable (I never had any issues) and durable, like other brands — I have yet to see any signs of wear and tear after months of usage. Kauai also offers a very cheap product, as their rings are usually around $19.99 or less, whereas Groove and Enso are usually around the $29.95 range.

I definitely think Kauai rings are great as a ‘first ring’ purchase for someone just curious about silicone rings and who wants to see what they’re all about.

Also, as mentioned on my post about silicone wedding rings, Kauai is the best brand (just my opinion) for wedding rings.