Groove Silicone Rings Review

Groove is, as I see it, the most radical company providing silicone rings, and their designs are much brighter than others. I got my first Groove ring (a ‘nomad’ ring from their collection at after having tried an Enso ring and really getting into silicone rings, and it’s served me very well, still in perfect condition just like the day I brought it. I therefore definitely recommend Groove – they make a quality product. I found their rings to be comfortable, durable and very well made. The price is good too.

Groove offers a ’94 year warranty’ which apparently even covers you if your ring gets lost (, though you still have to pay for shipping. Given that and the low prices of silicone rings, there’s not much to lose by trying one out.

Some other facts about Groove:

  • Founded in 2015
  • Staff of around 50 people as of 2020
  • Offers standard $1.99 shipping that’ll ship within 48 hours

You can purchase Groove through their website ( or Amazon.