Enso Silicone Rings Review

Enso is, at least according to search volume as of 2020, the most popular manufacturer of silicone rings, and they have come out with a wide collection as can be seen on their official website (https://ensorings.com). I also have to credit them for first getting me into silicone rings, and Enso rings were the first silicone rings I tried. So what are my experiences with this brand, and so I recommend them to others? The answer is yes — Enso rings are a solid product that very much live up to their name. Here’s what I like about them:

  • Durable — no matter where or when you wear an Enso ring, I found that it could hold up to any kind of pressure
  • Practical — you can wear it without ever really noticing it
  • Comfortable — the ring I got from Enso (from the Elements line) is so comfy that I often forget I’m even wearing it
  • Returnable — if you have problems with your ring or it gets damaged, Enso will actually send you a new one for free, which is quite remarkable (though I haven’t ever had to replace mine). I’ve confirmed that they do indeed do this, not just advertise it

Pricing for Enso rings is perfectly reasonable at $29.99 for most of their rings, though there are even cheaper ones available.

The only downside of Enso rings is that their designs are quite simple, so if you are looking for something more conspicuous, you’d probably want to try another brand (probably Groove).