What Are The Best Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are a bit of a new craze that I got caught up in a couple of years ago, and since buying my first one — and several more since — I love to wear these. At this stage, most people have never even heard of silicone rings (or know what silicone is, for that matter), but I reckon they will get more and more popular in 2020 and beyond to the point where they will eventually become the standard. Silicone rings have loads of benefits: they’re cheap, durable, you can wear them practically no matter what your job, and they’re also a great conversation starter.

Since getting interested in silicone rings, I’ve brought and written-up short reviews on all the major brands that offer silicone rings (Enso, Qalo, Groove, and Kauai). There are a handful of smaller brands, but currently I feel confident in saying that these 4 brands are the best silicone rings available today. Here’s a short overview of each one, along with links to the reviews:

Enso silicone rings

Enso is the primary brand behind silicone rings and also the first one I tried. On their web-store (ensorings.com), you can buy a silicone ring from their collection for under $30 at the time of writing, and there are plenty of different variations (Elements, Birthstone, Legends, Bevel etc) available in different colors.

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Groove silicone rings

Groove is the main competitor to Enso, and these 2 brands are definitely the biggest in the industry. Groove began in 2015 and now offers a wide lineup of silicone rings at a very similar price point to Enso (many of their rings are right around $30, like Enso).

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Qalo silicone rings

Slightly less popular than Enso and Groove but still a fairly well established brand, Qalo is a brand founded by Ted Baker and KC Holiday in 2013. Qalo is an acronym for “Quality Athletics Love Outdoors”, and like Enso and Groove, they have a wide range of rings available that are more than capable of handling rough conditions.

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Kauai silicone rings

The 4th most popular silicone ring (by search volume) is the somewhat-difficult-to-remember brand Kauai, which focuses on wedding rings and fitness rings.

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